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Watching Millennium (2×21) http://bit.ly/1M2Q17L
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CW: Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence

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A woman was sexually assaulted by a Stanford University swimmer and was caught in the act. He was sentenced to three counts of sexual assault, given a 6 month sentence and will ultimately only serve 3 months of his already reduced sentence.

This case exemplifies many things but most of all, why many women who are raped do not report their rape. This is case that embodies the result of rape culture and a dangerous social bias that allows a man’s dreams to be seen as more important than a woman’s autonomy.

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Liked on YouTube: Is Baltimore Ready for a Green Party Mayor?

Is Baltimore Ready for a Green Party Mayor?
Joshua Harris, 29, Green Party mayoral candidate is tapping into young voters to bring an alternative voice in Baltimore city where has had mayors from Democratic party since 1967.

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