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Liked on YouTube: Is “Racist” the N-Word For White People? | Decoded | MTV News

Is “Racist” the N-Word For White People? | Decoded | MTV News
Are White People trying to reclaim the word “RACIST?” While there are many derogatory words for white people, none of them seem to have the same impact as any of racial slurs for people of color. The only word you can call a white person really mad is “racist.” So see what happens when white people try to claim this as their own word that people of color are no longer allowed to say!

Franchesca Ramsey: https://twitter.com/chescaleigh

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Jordan: Jordan Temple

Disgruntled White Comedian 1: Kaytlin Bailey

Disgruntled White Comedian 2: Matt Rogers

Comedy Host: Tyler Fischer

Store Owner: Allen Enlow

TV Host: Sharon Spell

White TV Guest: John Swist

Racist Reclaimer 1: Anthony Sneed

Racist Reclaimer 2: Eric Yearwood

Racist Reclaimer 3: Anthony Oberbeck

White Chris Rock: Marshall Stratton

Cop 1: Eddie Dunn

Cop 2: Stefan Schuette


Executive Producer: Andrew Kornhaber

Director: Ryan Hunter

Director of Photography: Eric Brouse

Writers: Jordan Temple & Ryan Hunter

Producer: Lisa Romagnoli

Assistant Producer: Nida Chowdry

Gaffer: Steven Latta

Assistant Camera: Ryan Stanton

Sound Mixer: Brett Van Deusen

Makeup Artist: Delina Medhin
PA: Shamika Walker

Editor: Matt Braunsdorf

Graphics: Noelle Smith

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