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It’s the WIZARD who should be afraid…of you.
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REVIEW ✦ The Geek Feminist Revolution
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Liked on YouTube: Women To Watch Out For

Women To Watch Out For
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I’ve spent a lot of my teen and early twenties being intimidated by women. Despite desperately craving their friendship and acceptance, I always viewed myself as a tomboy or the notorious “cool girl” archetype that simply got along better with guys. It’s not until lately that I’ve realized the power of female friendship and how much better my life will be if I respect and admire and befriend women instead of resenting their success as “taking my spot” at the table.

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Liked on YouTube: Pregnant And Depressed

Pregnant And Depressed
People always talk about pregnancy as a joyful time. But what about when it isn’t? Here’s one mom’s story of getting through the roughest 9 months of her life.

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