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If I ever start a band, I think I’ll call it Whitney Avalon & the Righteous Grievances. ;P

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Writer, Producer, Director, Performer: Whitney Avalon

Mr. Jeep: Tyler Scheid
(You may know him as Stone Face Tyler on Markiplier’s channel, but he was the opposite of stone-faced during this shoot!)

Composer, Co-Lyricist, Music Producer: Brendan Milburn

Cinematographer: Peyton Skelton
Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne
Editor: Kate West
Music Mix/Master: Will Hampton
Production Designer: Alexandra Regazzoni
Executive Assistant: Caroline Sharp
Make-up and Wig: Patty Jarvis
Assistant Director: Michael J. Epstein
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Osterwisch
Script Supervisor: Sophia Cacciola
First Assistant Camera: Ashley Cradeur
Second Assistant Camera: Terra Gutmann-Gonzalez
Key Grip: Heather Fannan
Gaffer: Logan Alesso, Michael Robinson
Recording Engineer: Dirty Hollywood
G&E Swing, Location Liaison: Billy Brenner
PA: Tia Workman, Tallinn Kiefer
For Mom, who rocked big ‘80s glasses
Thanks: Stephen Ford, YouTube Space LA, Buffer Festival

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** LYRICS **
Cotton swabs are the ultimate safe and trusted first aid tool
Cotton swabs are a versatile implement in every beauty school
Cotton swabs are perfect for cleaning your baby or computer gear
Warning: do not under any circumstances stick them in your ear

WHAT? You’re not fooling anyone
Nobody reads the fine print
Nobody cleans their bathroom fixtures with a cotton swab
Or uses it for picking up lint
The only reason people buy your product
Is the thing you say should never be done
Then it was pretty unwise to make it the just the right size for my ear canal, guys
You’re not fooling anyone

Mr. Jeep in my right side mirror, way back where the roads converge
Mr. Jeep zooms past thirty cars who got here first to merge
Mr. Jeep, feigning innocence, flashes an apologetic grin
“I don’t understand how driving works, won’t you please let me cut in?”

HA! You’re not fooling anyone
This isn’t some kind of race
If I let you in it’s ’cause I am a saint
Not because of your dumb pleading face
Every single driver you just passed here
Knows you’re a slimy sneaky son of a gun
You really seem unconcerned, but even little kids learn to wait their goddamned turn
You’re not fooling anyone

People who think horoscopes are science – please be joking!
People who leave phone books on my doorstep – what are you smoking?
People who misquote philosophers – clearly, honey, you’re no scholar!
People adding spires to skyscrapers – that doesn’t really make it taller!
People who don’t change the toilet paper roll – sure you “didn’t see it”!
People who judge others all the time – you’re a jerk, I guarantee it! Oh…

I’m not fooling anyone
Nobody needs my advice
Look, it’s mostly not my business what you choose to do
So I’ll just be respectful and nice
You’re entitled to your opinion,
So don’t let me go and spoil your fun.
And hey, I’m sure that we’d find that even all humankind can’t make you change your mind
I’m not fooling anyone
I’m not fooling anyone
I’m not fooling any— but seriously astrology is nonsense


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Trans Women Are Women: Carolyn Petit on the Feminist Answering Machine
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This time the call is coming from inside the organization! Feminist Frequency’s own Carolyn Petit expresses her disgust at the re-emerging tide of trans-exclusionary so-called “feminism” and asserts that it is absolutely necessary for feminists to state, emphatically and unambiguously, that trans women are women and that a feminism that excludes them is no feminism at all.

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It’s OK to not be OK
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Tom Spriggs at The Coronel Group

shot & edited by Eric Lombart

make ups by Caitlyn Brisbin

produced by Reed Hedani

grip – Melissa Gasca, John Lee, Megan Pham, Zack Wallnau

sound – John Lee

gfx by Bethany Radloff